Ms Laura de Benito is a recognised international expert in the field of laser eye surgery and completed her PhD thesis on healing after surface laser eye surgery. She has published over 30 research papers on this topic and is an invited speaker at a number of international conferences.

Ms de Benito offers her patients the best available technology for LASIK and LASEK using the latest Zeiss Mel 90 and Zeiss Visumax lasers. Patient safety is her primary concern and she trusted by her patients to deliver the best possible care. Ms de Benito will discuss the safest treatment for you based on your age, lifestyle, prescription and examination. 

She offers the following laser treatments in her practice at Optegra London.



Lasik eye surgery has been performed since 1991 and is the most popular type of laser eye surgery because of rapid healing, minimal discomfort and fast visual recovery. During LASIK a very thin protective flap is first created with a femtosecond laser (Intralase or Visumax) under which the cornea is reshaped to correct vision.

Most patients gain 20:20 (6/6) vision within 24 hours of their surgery. Ms de Benito only performs femtosecond IntraLASIK with wavefront correction for the best possible results. LASIK can treat prescriptions between +5 to -10 and astigmatism up to 5 dioptres.



LASEK and PRK surgery

During LASEK and PRK the laser is applied directly to the surface of the eye to finely reshape the cornea. LASEK/PRK is better suited for those in the armed forces, police and those who practice combat or extreme sports. These techniques may also be more suitable for those will thin corneas or younger patients. The visual results of LASEK and PRK are identical to LASIK. 


Presbyond - laser blended vision

Presbyopia is the process that leads to difficulty with reading vision as people enter their forties. The latest Zeiss technology, Presbyond blended vision is an advanced method for age related loss of technology. Presbyond simulates the eyes own spherical aberrations to give patients an extended range of focus and greater independence from reading glasses. Presbyond is only available on the Zeiss Mel 90 laser platform.



Small Incision Lenticule Extraction is a revolutionary new form of laser eye surgery that is flapless and painless. During SMILE the Zeiss Visumax Laser creates a precise vision correcting lens of tissue within the cornea which is removed by the surgeon through a tiny 2mm keyhole. The procedure is painless and may be better suited to patients at risk of dry eye. At present SMILE is able to treat shortsighted prescriptions up to -10 dioptres and 5 dioptres of astigmatism.


Options for patients unsuitable for laser eye surgery

Not everyone can have or should have laser eye surgery. If you have a very high prescription, dry eyes, Sjogrens syndrome or keratoconus, you will be unsuitable for laser eye surgery. Alternative and very effective options depending on your age and needs include the Visian ICL implantable contact lens and refractive lens exchange surgery (RLE)


Laura de benito consultant eye surgeon