Ms Laura de Benito - lecture on eye emergencies

Ms de Benito was invited to speak at the Royal Society of Medicine on eye emergencies and their management. She was later interviewed by Optometry today.

Asking three questions about red eye identifies the patients that can be treated by an optometrist and the ones that need to be referred.  

Consultant ophthalmologist at Moorfields Private Eye Hospital, Dr Laura de Benito-Llopis, told Optometry Today  about the red flags associated with red eye. 

Dr de Benito-Llopis shared that she always asks three things when patients present with red eye – ‘Is it painful?’ ‘Do you have discharge?’ and ‘Do you have loss of vision?’

“If it is something that needs to be seen urgently, Moorfields A&E is open 24/7 so the best thing to do is give a letter to the patient, which has the examination the optometrist found, and advise them to go to Moorfields A&E,” she said. 

Ms De Benito recognised for her work in corneal transplant monitoring

Ms de Benito was awarded a clinical excellence award in recognition of her work in establishing a system for monitoring the long term outcome of corneal transplants at Moorfields Eye Hospital. The new computerised database system has been recognised nationally as a progressive step forward in establishing long term outcome data for corneal transplants.