Change your vision, change your life with the Visian ICL.Proven safe and effective, the advantages to the Visian ICL are clear with benefits the can go beyond LASIK, treating higher prescriptions and conditions that can’t be corrected by laser eye surgery.

The Visian ICL lens has been implanted in over 900’000 patients since the early 1990s. The ICL cannot be seen or felt and does not require any maintenance. Surgery takes just 10 minutes per eye.

The Visian ICL is an ideal option for people who want a reversible procedure or who can't have laser eye surgery. Typically this might be because of a very high prescription, a thin cornea, dry eyes or keratoconus. Due to the optics of the ICL lens, patients often say that they feel that their vision is the best they have ever experienced. An added attraction of  Visian ICL lens is that the surgery is completely reversible. 

Ms Laura de Benito is an accredited Visian ICL surgeon and uses the latest Visian Evo ICL V4C model with CentraFlow technology.

People best suited to the Visian ICL lens are below 60 years old. At present Visian Evo ICL lenses can treat between +10 of long-sight to -20 of short-sight (myopia) and astigmatism up to 6 dioptres.

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The Visian ICL isn’t suitable for everyone. Please arrange a consultation to assess if its right for you.